CryptoCities started out in March 2021 as a voxel-based art collection of 1/1 city microcosms founded by the core team Kai, Will, and Beau. Since its inception, we’ve grown into a family of the highest-quality artists, developers and designers who are committed to pushing the voxel medium into the mainstream.

From Cities to Suburbs to our metaverse development team, every asset that we create is 1/1 and hand-crafted, ready for deployment in any 3D environment through our proprietary software.

As the collection continues to mint, we’ve been committed to developing immersive voxel worlds that can be explored in virtual reality, integrating our assets into the wider metaverse, and building out the best community in NFT.

For further information, you can follow our socials and join our discord where you can contact the entire CryptoCities team.

Core team

Will CTO / Co-Founder

Head of design and tech development at CC.

Always has an explanation.


Beau COO / Co-Founder

Head of operations at CC.

Loves Pizza.


Kai CEO / Co-Founder

Steers the ship and pioneers long term vision at CC.

Speedrunning everything.



Managing operations and messing with spreadsheets.

Can climb V8.



Manages forward facing media and creative odds and ends.

Will make your spotify pop off.



Manager of tech development at CC.

Aeropress enthusiast.


Creative team

Swan Head Artist

A master of voxels.

CryptoCities' resident yogi.


Perspektyma Art Director

Mastermind behind NeoTokyo 2121 and leader of our art direction as a project.

Lego enthusiast.


Khanh Lead Developer

Heads up the programming that gets our models ready for the metaverse.

Loves debugging with Taz.


Jop Web Developer

Web dev.

Manages to stitch our (sometimes mental) ideas into a coherent website.


Bear Art Coordinator

Manages art direction with Perspektyma. Super talented.

Not actually a bear.


Xuanch Head Artist

Creator of some of the most detailed models we've seen.

Loves pushing the limits of our importer.



We believe in NFT as a technology that can serve as a platform for something greater than the sum of its parts. It gives builders and artists alike the canvas to explore art, ideas and to build powerful experiences. CryptoCities is the manifestation of those beliefs.

You can learn more about our vision here.


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