Perspektyma is a graduate in architecture from university and first picked up voxel art in 2017 when he started dreaming about creating his own game. He loves to look beyond the horizon for answers to what will happen in the future. Perspektyma has an incredible eye for detail; a trait that shines through in the intricacies of his voxel artworks, and something that has made him one of our head artists at CryptoCities. He is a force of voxel, the artistic visionary behind our first pilot for the Suburbs project that will be released soon.

"I feel like voxelart now allows me to explore my worlds in the most natural way possible. The source of my inspiration is the industrial architecture of GdaƄsk, cyberpunk, including the world of Blade Runner, but also various cultures. Currently, I have a moment in my life when I am strongly inspired by Japanese culture, or cities such as Hong Kong or Tokyo that I hope to visit someday".

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